Bitcoin City grand opening

Bitcoin City grand opening

"The future are cities, not countries."

"The artist who recently became rich with his unusual painting proposed a whole new city where all economy runs on cryptocurrency."


The basic idea behind this concept of a city is that its whole economy runs on cryptocurrencies. Paying taxes happens automatically and functions somehow like paying fees to a payment service – only in this case the “fees” go directly to the city’s operational capital. Citizens then decide where they’d like to invest their tax money through the process of participative budgeting.

In this direct democracy all citizens act as politicians changing their local environment with active involvement in decision making and high levels of participation in online voting.

Basic citizen income is provided daily to ensure the people’s basic needs. The coins are equally distributed to all BTC citizens, so everybody has the same starting position.

Industry experts are predicting BTC City to become self sufficient and reach circular economy in two years.

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